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Codexis, Inc. is a leading protein engineering company that applies its CodeEvolver platform technology to create high-performing enzymes for improving the cost and quality of pharmaceuticals and food ingredients, to enable sequencing of minute quantities of DNA for medical diagnostics, and to create novel biotherapeutics.

A former employee said this in a review: "From top to bottom people were not very professional, cooperative or friendly. Codexis ha no productive, healthy or safe environment".


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Former Employee - Research Associate says

"Any position below scientist is purely low paid labor with little to no career development prospects. The company does not seem to care about their employees professional development. If you are looking for a place to garnish your resume with experience this is a good fit but don't expect a livable salary in the meantime. Passive aggressive management and aggressive aggressive management leads to massive turnover rates."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Despite mutliple layoffs (company is about as lean as it can get), management piles on more and more work without stepping back to see the impact or consequences--they just expect the same throughput. The hardest working employees are least recognized (esecially during year end evalualtions). Management makes no effort to focus on career development for employees with out a PhD. No clear path for development and movement upwards--the only answer is "it just takes time". They are running the company into the ground and management seems delusionally optimistic."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This company is being run into the ground. They don't have a problem having parties or buying expensive gifts to prizes. There is a communication problem with this organization. A simple request is done by email. People are afraid to speak up."

Current Employee - Scientist says

"Declared 2012 bonuses - nothing for the people who work there for 10 months and then were laid off. Most of them received no severance. Moreover, before you had to work for 10 months to be eligible for a bonus. Now, it seems if you are laid-off at 10 months you get zero! As per usual, some people are overworked without reward while other just get by complaining. Hiring again, just a few months after laying off"

Current Employee - Administration says

"Employees rarely recognized for their hard work and contribution. Not willing invest in the future or carry projects through to achieve success with market driven products. Laid off 75% of R&D workforce because they did not have the "right skill set". Selection of employees that were retained based on nepotism, friends looking after friends, and some very discriminatory behavior..."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Mass layoffs by email are disrespectful and inhumane to the employee base The upper management team is perceived to be an exclusive club who doesn't care about the plight of the workers The current environment of anxiety, suspicion, distrust, and fear may take years to correct and improve The company may not survive very long. It appears it's being set up for an eventual sale rather than a recovery, but that's only one person's impression."

Former Employee - Research Associate says

"Working lean, everything had a priority. Originally working on pharmaceuticals, but unwillingly switched to biofuels. Now they are concentrating on pharma."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Upper Management is utterly and comically incompetent, from department heads that have no clue about what's going on in the departments that they manage. People that do the actual research in the laboratory are the hardest working and least rewarded at the company. Management keeps promising that they are working on saving the business, but they haven't landed any deals of significance since the new CEO took charge. Yet upper management keeps giving themselves titular promotions and salary increases while again, the people actually researching are told that they need to "run a lean operation" People with dissenting attitudes are marginalized and ignored. There are no opportunities for advancement within the company."

Current Employee - Research Associate says

"Bad planning, Should of told people getting laid off in person."

Current Employee - Staff Scientist says

"Salaries are 20%+ below industry standards. No sick days, so you have to tap into personal time to when sick, which means people come in to work when sick and get everyone else sick. Amazingly, there is no 401k match. Lots of nepotism. Little opportunity for advancement and no focus on career planning. Upper management have little respect for employees. It has been years since this company has focused on innovation. Impossible to understand how or why people get promoted. Company is focusing on areas where its core technology can't be leveraged. It appears upper management is making it up as they go along. There are more VPs than research assistants and it is difficult to understand why they are all needed. Half the people at the Redwood City site were laid off including 75% of R&D, yet none of upper management (many of whom are responsible for the company's deterioration) were let go. Given the company's current workforce it appears the plan is to sell the company piece by piece. This makes much more sense than the plan stated by upper management, which will be impossible to execute given the current resources."


"Codexis implements one of the best technologies for enzyme engineering targeting pharmaceutical research. The company attempted to utilize their protein engineering technology towards biofuels but were unfortunately late in the competition. This has resulted in significant downsizing. Overall, Codexis was a great company with amazing technology and scientists. Unfortunately, entrance in the biofuels market was late.excellent research technologybenefits"